As a graphic designer, something I get asked a lot is ‘can you make it appeal to everyone?’ While this may seem like a great idea to grow your audience and gain more customers you may actually be doing the opposite.⁣

Trying to market to a wide audience means that more often than not your message won’t be concise and will get lost in the crowd. By trying to reach multiple markets your content will be random and so will your audience, meaning less engagement and fewer sales.⁣

By researching and choosing a target market you can really get to know your customer and appeal to them directly. Find out their likes, dislikes and humour..then use it to engage with them! Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram love engagement and will reward you for it by sending your content even further!⁣

Not sure who your target customer is? Make one up! Think about your current customers, which traits appeal to your business and why, then get creative and use those traits to profile your ideal customer – think of it like creating a dating profile for someone else…but less creepy. Include their name (something jazzy, like Suzie or Trent), location, job, age, hobbies and more. I’ve created a template for you to use to make it super simple. Congratulations – you’ve just created your first ideal customer. ⁣

So what now? Well, use them. Whenever you create a post on social media, put on a promotion or write a blog post consider: would this appeal to Suzie? If it does – great! 🥳 You’ve created engaging content for people that will actually want to follow you and buy your service 🙌.⁣