I know what you’re thinking: I have an amazing logo already, my brand is complete, right? Not necessarily. While having a great logo is a big step in putting your business out there, there is so much more that you can do to build your brand and gain a loyal following.

So what is a brand? Put simply, a brand is how your consumers perceive you and your business. While your logo provides a good snapshot into who you are and what you offer, your brand gives your customer a whole lot more. From the first experience of your business to that final sale, and everything in between: your brand is the feeling that your business or product evokes. Think of it this way: If your business was a novel, your logo would be the cover while your brand is the story.

Take Starbucks for example.

Starbucks sells coffee (product) and is instantly recognisable from its imagery of the green and white Siren (logo). We buy speciality drinks such as Pumpkin Spiced Lattes or Unicorn Frappuccinos from coffee houses that look cool and comfortable, and drink them on the go from our seasonally branded cup (advertising and marketing). We choose Starbucks over other high street cafes, not just for it’s coffee but also they way it makes us feel. The experience of ordering a ‘Venti’ or ‘Tall’ and actually knowing what that means, or carrying around a Starbucks cup with our name scribbled on is as important as the drink we purchase and so and evokes a feeling that other coffee shops cannot. (branding).

That’s what makes branding special. Not only does it make you stand out from the crowd, but effective branding can create loyal and new customers who regularly choose your product over another. Consistently working on branding your product or service can create trust from your customers resulting in recommendations, new customers and repeat business.

So now you know what branding is, keep an eye out for some ideas on how to use it…